Cyberpunk - Tour of Night City, Afterlife Bar, Legendary Mercs, How to Become a Legend of Night City, Dev Quotes, PC Specs and more

Cyberpunk 2077 – Discussing Mercs, legends, Afterlife bar and more!

A Tour of Night City

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at some of the hotspots in Night City. We can see everything from game shows and reality shows to news networks, late-night talk shows, clubs, and bars. Countless side streets, alleyways, homeless, crime, bodies in the street, people stealing parts, freeways, Corpo buildings, public speakers, and more.

Now some of you might have caught a website link in the latest episode of Night City Wire. On this site, in addition to the displayed body count of the day, you can find out more information on Night City including its roots. There’s also information on political candidates, the different districts, transportation, and more. The site even has fake ads on it. Like “EEZY BEEF” by All Foods (whatever that is) and “Real Water”… things you will no doubt find in-game.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Eezy Beef All Foods Real Water History of Night City Transportation Political Candidates

Senior Level Designer, Miles Toss discussed the devs’ interesting approach when developing Cyberpunk’s story. They treated Night City as a main character of this world. Miles stated, “We wanted you to be able to dive into it and feel like this is a real place.” It seems you can easily become fully immersed in everything they have built here.

The devs based Night City on real-life geography, specifically the coast of California including things like ports and industrial areas. They wanted to make sure all six districts had variety- each with its own characteristics. This includes architecture, graphics, people- giving each district it’s own identity with a completely different vibe and feel.

We think this is great for replayability. It keeps it fresh and new. It seems easy to stumble upon something different, and that feeling of there’s something new around every corner.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Mercs, Tour of Night City California coast all streets have names

Discussing Details with the Devs

Miles also noted this is the most complex thing CD Projekt Red has worked on. He discussed how they grew in phases, as the devs built buildings on top of each other, mega-buildings, etc.

With Night City, you can definitely see infinite possibilities when it comes to exploration. Roaming the cities day or night, you really get a sense of the “no-limits” open-world aspect that makes Cyberpunk 2077 so unique.

With things like hand-littering the garbage in Night City – you can tell how passionate the devs are when it comes to making all of this so believable. This encourages players to take note of details in the game. Some that may even pay-off when it comes to certain activities or encounters you might have in-game.

Every street in Night City has a name. This makes things like communicating with NPCs easier. Also navigating locations and even when talking with other players. You can discuss areas or points of interest like restaurants or clubs. Just like you would in real life.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Mercs, Tour of Night City California coast all streets have names

Who’s the Biggest and Baddest of Night City?

Though the answer might be up for some debate, the Maelstrom gang looks to be at least the most unpredictable. Referred to as psychos who enjoy violence and even have something called a meat grinder… the Maelstrom gang definitely has a unique feel. Their weird aesthetic is almost terminator-like. Their mission to become more machine than human has left them with unpredictable behavior. This brings an element of chaos to the game.

Rivalries and Reputations

The Valentinos on the other hand, have two things they’re known for. God and Style. They’ve got a punishment ready for every type of occasion and a bone to pick with 6th street. The members of 6th Street are known for their patriotic love and their hate for the Valentinos. We’re beginning to realize 6th Street and the Valentinos seem to have one of the biggest rivalries.

Some say the Voodoo Boys are an Urban Myth. Others say they’re the best Netrunners in town. Yet, they hail from their own island cut off from the rest of the city. One thing’s for certain, you do not steal from the Voodoo Boys.  The Animals are known as the craziest gang in the city. They’re hired muscles for someone else’s need. Perhaps a group of hitmen when it comes to Night City.

Tyger Claws will take out people who ask questions. Apparently they killed too many girls and got on the radar of a group called Moxes, known as the freakshows and outcasts who have each other’s back. Their emphasis on community seems to align with those of the Nomads.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Mercs, Tour of Night City California coast all streets have names

The Outsiders

In the badlands, you’ve got Wraiths, who seem to function as an ecosystem, made up of Nomads, Corporations, and Drifters. When you remove one piece of the puzzle they say the delicate balance crumbles. And if there’s one thing you should know about the Aldecaldos, it’s that everything stays in the family.

One thing is clear. Gangs rule the streets of Night City. They’ve got the newest Cyberware, the coolest weapons, all with their own unique aesthetic to match the affiliated gang they’re associated with including cars. 

Cyberpunk 2077 - Biggest and Baddest of Night City gangs Maelstrom

You’re likely to encounter these gangs as you explore and even when completing quests for “fixers”. You might even be hired by them. As for being able to join a gang yourself? That, unfortunately, doesn’t seem like a viable option…

Mercs, Legends and Afterlife Bar

Quest Director, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz says, “V is a merc and mercs of Night City are this unique distinct group that stick mostly to themselves.”

You can get these jobs from Corporations and multiple gangs. Mateusz explains, because of this, nobody will ever trust a merc to be one of them. The gangs of Night City are only looking for people they know will be loyal to them. People who will fight for their cause, not just when it’s profitable for them.

Mateusz explains because of this, V will mostly stick to the Afterlife. This is, of course, the hangout spot for legendary mercenaries. The ones who get the best clients, the best jobs, and the most money. And the thing to remember? If you want to become a legend in Night City – go to the Afterlife.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Mercs, Afterlife Bar Night City Legendary Mercs How to Become a Legend in Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 – PC Specs

Curious on what you’ll need to be able to run this fantastic beast of a game? Here are the PC specs you’ll need for minimal or optimal performance:

Cyberpunk PC specs for Minimum system requirements Recommended system requirements for optimal performance

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