No Man's Sky Origins

No Man’s Sky Origins Released!

No Man’s Sky has just released its thirteenth major update titled “Origins”. This update focuses on improving planet diversity by adding new variations on terrain, plants, animals and more!

While the list of improvements for this update is long, this article will be focusing on the features that we think are the most exciting! So without further ado, lets jump right into it!

New Planets & More Diversity!

New planets in existing solar systems have mysteriously blinked into being. These new planets offer a new style of terrain with huge mountains and gaping valleys on a scale far larger than what was previously possible.

No Man's Sky Origins

You may have noticed that old planets have also received a makeover. Flora, fauna and atmospheric conditions have all been tweaked. However, to prevent this from ruining players pre-existing bases, they have retained their old character. The tweaks have added never-before-seen flora and “curiosities”, along with other additions we have yet to talk about. The Developer has said the game will have twice the diversity as before!

No Man's Sky Origins New Worlds

New Biomes to Explore!

But that’s not all that’s new on planets: fertile worlds can now form swampy areas, complete with mist and fungal growths.

No Man's Sky Origins Marsh

Volcanoes can exist (and erupt!) on extreme-heat planets!

No Man's Sky Origins Volcano

Huge colossal buildings have sprung up, creating a new hub for alien life. Colossal archive buildings can hold data, treasure and directions to long-forgotten ruins!

No Man's Sky Origins Colossal Buildings

Planets can now become infested, corrupting the flora and causing anomalous lifeforms to prowl the surface. These planets are extremely dangerous, and caution is advised!

No Man's Sky Origins Infestation

While this isn’t exactly a biome to explore, you can now find star systems with binary or ternary stars! This will make for some amazing sunsets and visuals on planets and also effect what materials can be found planetside.

No Man's Sky Origins binary

New Kinds of Creatures to Discover!

Giant beetles now scuttle across the landscape and huge soft-winged butterflies flutter through the air.

No Man's Sky Origins insects

Synthetic creatures have been added to rare uncharted planets. This is essentially a whole new creature type, and it will be interesting to see how these variations look.

No Man's Sky Origins

There are new alien lifeforms that roam the terrain either by rolling or burrowing. These aliens can be harvested for edible produce.

No Man's Sky Origins

And last but not least: the giant sandworm seen in the original trailer has finally made its way into the game! These giant creatures will be roaming around some planets and are sure to give you a fright!

No Man's Sky Origins Sandworm

New Weather Effects & Events!

Storms can now cause random events that depend on planet-type. These include:

Fires igniting on the surface of extreme temperature planets!

No Man's Sky Origins Volcano

Tornadoes that suck up anything unlucky enough to get in their way!

No Man's Sky Origins Tornado

Beautiful, but dangerous lightning strikes!

No Man's Sky Origins Lightning

Gravity storms on anomalous planets that lower the gravity within the effected area!

No Man's Sky Origins

And last but not least: meteor showers or single meteorites can also be seen crashing through the atmosphere of planets!

No Man's Sky Origins

Harness the Power of Storms with New Exosuit Technology!

With all these new effects, storms are deadlier than they have ever been. However there is a silver-lining! New exo-suit and multi-tool technology will now let you harness a storm’s power to supercharge your equipment in different ways!

  • Blizzards allow you to mine for longer with a cooled Mining Beam.
  • Toxic storms allow you to sprint longer.
  • Super heated atmospheres will increase jetpack efficiency.
  • High radioactivity environments will allow you to harvest additional materials when mining.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Once again, this is far from all of the new features of this huge update. If you want to see the full patch notes from the official site click here!

Hello Games continues to impress us all with its incredible support for the game even 4 years after its release. And what’s even more incredible, is all of this, just like the previous updates are absolutely FREE!