ESO Free Antiquities Home

Let’s go over everything you need to do to make sure you get your free home this week in Elder Scrolls Online! This is a limited time event, so don’t miss out on your chance for a giant free home! This is the first large home given to the community since 2 years ago during the Summerset event

Here’s the house you can earn starting TODAY!

Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery

Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery

How to get the Antiquarian’s Alpine Gallery

Its quite easy really!

  1. You have to own Greymoor, as the house is located in Western Skyrim
  2. Log into the game and claim the house once the community has reached the goal!

And that’s it! If you want to help the community reach its goals be sure to log in and do daily quests in Skyrim, and dig up antiquities to help move the needle!

The Lost Treasure Of Skyrim Event

This is all part of the Lost Treasure of Skyrim event! This event has 3 different reward tiers!

  1. The first reward is body markings
  2. The second reward is a pet
  3. The third reward is the house shown above along with the FIRST house guest who will hang out in hour house and talk with you

Click here to see what tier reward the community has unlocked so far!

Live tour of the Home in this Video!

Want to see a walk through of the house and talk about everything being added in Markarth! check out this youtube video here! In this video I cover new mythic items, new Quality of Life upgrades, the item set collections system and of course the new free home!

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