Katana Zero DLC

The Next Chapter in Katana Zero

Justin Stander, the creator of Katana Zero, Has recently posted a new dev blog sharing some long awaited news on Katana Zero’s upcoming DLC. He confirmed we still have a long wait. While no release date was announced, we did get a feel for how far through production the DLC is.

Justin mentioned on twitter, Katana Zero’s DLC will be three times the size it was originally planned to be and still be completely free. great news for the fans!

Continuing Zero’s Story

We have been told that this DLC will not conclude the story, but will “explore some of the burning questions you may have.”

More on what we hope those questions could be later. But based on the new images, the DLC appears to be at least partially in a secret weapons testing lab. This isn’t surprising considering the last area (shown below) was named “government lab” and had a mysterious locked door that was inaccessible.

Katana Zero DLC

Into the Labs!

And incase you need any more convincing, we can see the same door designs and digital displays from the DLC pictures, As well as the text “NEW MECCA LABS” written on the front desk. This has been hinted at by Justin in a meme he posted during the “storm area 51” Facebook event. He joked this was a “Sneak preview of the Katana Zero DLC plot.” which appears to be partly true.

Katana Zero DLC

“Can’t Deflect this One.”

Here we see a GIF posted showing some new gameplay with the caption “can’t deflect this one”. In it we see Zero facing off against a new type of enemy that wields a rocket launcher. The Rocket impacts Zero and explodes, killing him. But this isn’t the only new gameplay that will be in the new DLC. Justin says he has been toying with some coolers narrative and gameplay ideas that he has been toying with since the beginning. What they are however, is still a secret.


Burning Questions

Fair warning, Spoilers ahead! Here is a quick refresher on some of the questions we have after the base game.

  • Who is Snow and her Boss and what are their goals?
  • What is the deal with Leviathan, Behemoth and the little girl? what will happen to her?
  • Who is the child that hides under the shelf in your dream?
  • Will we learn more about Chronos and will Zero find a cure to his addiction?
  • What was the machine in the flashback that Zero destroys and does it have any significance?
  • Who or what are the masked men?
  • Will we learn more about Fifteen/The Dragon?
  • What is the situation with the Cromags, and will we learn more about the war?

Which Question are Most Likely to be Answered in the Katana Zero DLC?

As you can see there is a rather large list of things we don’t yet know. Now that we are directly fighting the New Mecca government it seems we share a common enemy with Snow and her Boss. The end of the game has the two meet and mentions they will “now have to wage open war against the government”. So I assume when they hear about Zero attacking a government weapons lab we will hear from them.

Speaking of weapons labs! This seems like the place we could learn more about chronos as well as any other programs the government ran. If we are lucky maybe we will even learn more about Zero and Fifteens past and the mysterious machine they were sent to destroy during the war.

The Developer will soon be finished with a side project he is working on. Once that is complete, we can expect work on Katana Zero DLC to accelerate. This will hopefully mean we get more sneak peaks and updates. I will update this article with any new content once this happens so stay tuned!